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The Details:

  • This super versatile stem in its wonderful rustic hue will make a great focal point for your space. 
  • Beautiful clustered together, these stems with an abundance of flower heads will work on their own, with a few stems of foliage or look stunning in a bouquet.
  • THE COLORS: Mauve/brown 
  • PRODUCT CARE: Due to the nature of the materials used, some shedding is to be expected. Flower heads will need be shaken free of dust or blasted with compressed air. To keep your flowers looking fabulous for as long as possible, store away from direct sunlight and moisture to avoid color fading.  
  • THE MEASUREMENTS: APPROX 24 1/2" long x 6 3/4” wide 

Just a Note: We work hard to describe and picture each item the best we can — these items are aged and well love and sometimes signs of this can be found. Colors can be slightly different in photos due to lighting. Each item is sold as is and all sales are final.