salted caramel
candy gift box


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The Details:

  • By Shotwell Candy Co. 
  • The perfect gift to give or a sweet treat to nibble on your self these small batch caramels are a wonderful addition to any pantry! 
  • Each 4oz box contains approx. 16-18 individually wrapped pieces that measure approx. 1" x .5" x .5" in size
  • Best fresh and should be consumed within 6 months for maximum enjoyment
  • Available in two flavors:
    • Classic Salted Caramel -- Buttery soft caramel is infused with barrel-aged bourbon, vanilla extract and then finished with crunchy Celtic grey salt.
    • Bourbon + Maple Pecan -- barrel-aged bourbon, a splash of pure maple syrup, roasted fresh pecans and finished it off with a light sprinkling of crunchy sea salt.